Lovely Account of the Retreat from one of our Newest Members

My experience at the annual Diocese of Southwest Florida CSA retreat was extremely meaningful and one that I will absolutely clear my calendar for in the future.  This was my first time since leaving the comforting folds of seminary (a little less than a year ago) that I have been able to be together in a group with other clergy spouses.  I did not realize how much I missed this special camaraderie and even though I had only met a few of the members previously, I immediately felt welcomed and at ease.

            The program led by The Rev. Barbara Price was thought provoking and required intense self-reflection, but in a way, that was positive with both clear takeaways and room to keep pondering.  The discussions that arose about our personality types and how they influence our everyday lives, roles as clergy spouses, and individual prayer lives were refreshing, inspiring, and even hilarious at times!  I particularly appreciated that there was a solid two-and-a-half-hour time set aside in the afternoon for individual prayer and reflection.  I was only able to attend the Saturday program, but this was well worth my while and I hope to be able to spend at least one night next year!

 -Jeanne Ackerman

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