Clergy Spouse Association’s 2019 Slate of Officers to be Presented at Luncheon for Confirmation:
President: Trish Farrell
Vice President: Elise Whitley
Treasurer: Mary Wallis Smith
Secretary: Terry Hansen-Beno
Chaplain: Betty Creelman Co-Chair: Kathie Hyde
Sunshine Chair: Barbara Brotherton
Communication: Sherry Henley
Mary Ellen Smith Endowment Fund Committee: Trish Farrell, Cathy McGinnis and Mary Wallis Smith
Members at Large: Mary Howe, Joe Gilpin, Ning Bonoan, Cathy McGinnis, Susan O’Carroll, and Bonnie Jean Durning


This is the Home Page for the Clergy Spouse Association of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida. We are a group that is dedicated to the care and support of our spouses that happened to be members of the Clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida. We believe that a healthy clergy family makes a healthy church community and a healthy diocese and the healthier we are the better we and our spouses can carry out the mission that God has called us all to do. At the same time, we believe that we are each called to be supportive of each other and to better the lines of communications.